Chalk-it wax is a product for the decoration and protection of chalk-coated surfaces. It is based on natural beeswax and carnauba wax. It protects surfaces against stains and water, enhances colour and gives a subtle gloss and velvety finish. Can also be used on untreated wood. The wax is available in four colours: colourless, dark, white and black. Capacity: 400ml.


Chalk-it primer – white in colour, designed to prepare harder surfaces before applying a coat of paint. Increases paint adhesion on smooth surfaces and prevents staining caused by the release of tannins from wood. Reduces paint consumption on absorbent surfaces and facilitates the application of intense colours. Capacity: 0,75l.






Chalk-it Varnish is a colourless acrylic-polyurethane varnish for the protection of surfaces decorated with Chalk-it chalk paint. Ideal for furniture, countertops, floors, parquet, stairs, paneling and other surfaces. Creates a durable, washable coating. Capacity: 0,75l.


Degreaser is an effective tool that easily removes all dirt such as grease, nicotine residue, dust, etc. Cleaning the surface before painting will increase paint adhesion. Capacity: 575ml.